British People 'Attempt' Their Best American Accents And This Stuff Has Us Seriously Cracking Up

"Give me a cheeseburgerrrr."

We love everything about British accents. In fact, in a recent Time Out poll, 27 percent of respondents around the world identified that Brits have the most dateable ones. Which kind of means that anyone who lives in a flat in London, drinks tea and eats scones can make anything sound sexy.

But what about sounding American? Can Brits do that? UNILAD, a British online magazine, decided to find that out once and for all. It asked a bunch of British people to attempt their best American accent in front of the camera.

The result? This has us roaring with laughter. Scroll down to see for yourself.


"It's Britney, b*tch," one of the British passersby gives his best attempt at American accent. "Oh my gaaad, Oh my gaaaaaaad."

Gimme, gimme more, mate.

"Don't ride the wave. Let the waves ride you, maaaan," another chap goes.

His mates are clearly in agreement. Everyone's digging the newly acquired Californian surfer accent.

"It's cloudy, I'm not getting my taaan and ..." this woman starts cracking up. "Oh god, I can't do this."

Yes you "like, totally" can, babe.

She gives it another shot ...

"I had some fries and some Coke earlier, and not really enjoying this cloudy weather, you know. But it's all good, w'all here."

So. Much. Better. All in her character. 

"Come to see our show tonight. Oh my gaaaad, it's gonna be, oh my gaaad, so amazing." These two are on absolute fire .

"Alright, alright, alright," another lad goes.

Shut the front door. He sounds exactly like Matthew McConaughey in "True Detective."

Watch the entire video below:

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