You Only Have 10 Seconds To Solve Each Of These 7 Head-Scratching Visual Riddles

No. 5 confused us for a second there.

If you're good at solving regular riddles, then maybe these visual ones will stump you.

Bright Side, a website focused on generating positive content, recently came out with a video featuring seven visual riddles to solve in only 10 seconds each. The site has a history of publishing videos of all sorts of riddles.


In this particular video, viewers are asked a series of questions about images that appear on the screen.

The first one, below, asks to identify which of the two colors shown on each side of the screen –– marked A and B –– resemble the center circle. And after some quick time for deliberation, the answer is revealed to be A on screen.

As the riddles continue throughout the video, the balancing act of using your eyes as a guide to the answers increases. Can you figure out some of these visual riddles? See for yourself:


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