The Incredibly Smart 4-Year-Old Brielle Is Back On 'The Ellen Show' With A Biology Lesson

"Do you know why you get dizzy when you spin?"

First, then-3-year-old Brielle showed up on The Ellen Show and schooled us all with her knowledge of the periodic table.

Then, she came back to star in her own episode of "She's Brielle-iant!" in which she rattled off a bunch of facts about world countries like nobody's business.

So, naturally, we were beyond excited to see that the genius tot was back on Ellen this week to give us a biology lesson.

After a little conversation, Ellen DeGeneres holds up an image of the ear and Brielle begins with her lesson:

"Your ears are very important for your balance," she says. "Do you know why you get dizzy when you spin? ... When you stop spinning, the liquid in your ear keeps moving, and it confuses your brain, and you feel dizzy!"

Brielle also relates DeGeneres to a heart doctor, because she helps keeps people's hearts happy and healthy through laughter.


Brielle continues through the intestines, the lungs, and flawlessly finishes with the human eye.

"Your eyes don't have any pigment or melanin in them. That's why they are blue. My eyes have a lot of melanin. That's why they're dark brown," she says. 

We can't get over how much this young girl knows, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her. 

Learn something new in the full video below:


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