Watch Little Girl Shock Ellen DeGeneres With Her Quick Thinking

"My little brain just remembers."

When 3-year-old Brielle showed up to "The Ellen Show," she was ready to show off.

Brielle's mother tells Ellen DeGeneres that her daughter started learning the periodic table just six months ago, and she's already memorized the entire thing (plus some extra fun facts). 

"I know all my states and capitals, I also know the periodic table of elements, and I know all my countries in Europe and Africa, and also the presidents!" Brielle tells DeGeneres.

DeGeneres, in shock, replies, "You're making me feel bad about myself." 

The feeling is mutual.


From there, DeGeneres holds up images of various elements with their symbols, and Brielle names and describes them. 

For example:

"Tantalum. It's found in The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. And if you had a map, I could show you!"

Brielle also discusses potassium, iodine, chlorine, and strontium in great detail. 

Touché, Brielle, touché. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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