Brie Larson Had The Best Response To People Saying Captain Marvel Needs To Smile More

Take that, sexists.

This week comic book fans were gifted with the first trailer for the upcoming movie Captain Marvel, but somehow, some still found something to complain about. Instead of focusing on how Brie Larson fell from space into a Blockbuster store at the beginning or how her entire body was glowing with power at the end, some were just upset that she didn't smile more throughout the clip.


Being told to "smile more" is an example of harassment directed at women on a daily basis by people they know or even people they don't know in the effort to get them to look happier, usually for the benefit of men. This belief, which is not usually directed at men at all, perpetuates the idea that simply appearing happy is less important than what women are actually feeling at the moment.

One fan took it upon themselves to actually Photoshop smiles onto the face of Captain Marvel — whose non-superhero name is Carol Danvers — and went as far as saying this "fixed" her. This, by definition, means she was "broken" in some way.

It shouldn't surprise us that the first female superhero to headline a solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be faced with everyday sexism, but Larson had the best response. On her Instagram Stories, she highlighted the hypocrisy by posting Photoshopped images of male superheroes with smiles plastered across their faces.

For the last decade, we've seen superhero movies led by Marvel heavyweights such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and numerous others. Not once have people critiqued their smiles — or lack thereof. Plus, who are we looking to for help out after Thanos extinguished half the universe with a single snap? Captain Marvel, that's who.

In summation:

Let's have a little more female empowerment and a little less of telling women how they should behave. Captain Marvel doesn't have time for your objectification.

(H/T: Vice | Vox)


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