This Bride And Groom's Hilarious 'First Look' Photoshoot Will Go Down In Prehistory

Because rawr means "I love you" in dinosaur.

Some brides like to surprise their husbands-to-be with a groom's cake or a special dance at their wedding. 


Others, like Jessica Albert, prefer to put on a T-Rex costume.

She was inspired to transform into a giant inflatable dinosaur for her and her groom, Mark Grassi's, "first look" moment after watching a similarly surprising viral video

"Mark loves dinosaurs and Jurassic Park," Albert told Philadelphia magazine, explaining her decision. After throwing Grassi a surprise Jurassic Park-themed birthday party last year, their wedding was, of course, the next logical step. 

So much so that Grassi even suggested it himself. He wanted the couple to surprise their guests by entering the reception in matching dinosaur costumes, but Albert "shut it down immediately." 

All the while, she took extra precautions to order the costume online without Grassi knowing. Google Chrome's incognito window function and her mother's Amazon account may or may not have been implemented. 

On the special day, Grassi told the publication he recalled thinking Albert's dress sounded unusually "heavy" and "stiff" as she walked behind him. As it turned out, he'd been hearing the swish of her costume tail. 

When Grassi turned around, he was surprised, sure, but totally thrilled. "It was pretty awesome," he said.

It was so awesome, the moment will forever go down in their (pre)history.

(H/T: Philadelphia Magazine 


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