Just When The Bride Is About To Toss The Bouquet — She Hands It To One Lucky Lady


After one bride said, "I do," she decided to help her cousin get the proposal of her dreams.

At her reception, bride Chelsea Pulse geared up to toss her bouquet — part of a traditional wedding custom in which the woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next to get married.

But suddenly, she stopped, turned around, and handed the bouquet directly to her bridesmaid and cousin, Meghan. 


Little did Meghan know, her boyfriend, Brett, was waiting right behind her with a ring. Then the DJ cued Train's "Marry Me."

So, thanks to some super cool newlyweds, Meghan got engaged.

"When my husband Tyler Pulse and I set our wedding date, Megan told me that was her and Brett Davidson's anniversary," Pulse told AOL. "So when I was planning, I reached out to Brett and mentioned to him that it would be SO cool if he proposed at the wedding and so together me, him and my husband Tyler schemed up a plan for him to propose."

Never was there ever a better moment for a group hug.

The special moment, uploaded to YouTube, has received a generous helping of positive comments. 

"To the bride - you are amazing for doing this, truly shows how great of a person you are. Such a sweet moment for family members to always remember. Congratulations to both of the happy couples!" one commenter writes.

"This is an amazingly selfless and generous thing to do...especially on a day when the focus is supposed to be all on the bride. Kudos to you and your new husband for making this happen. You are the mark of people who are beautiful both inside and out," another adds.

Following the proposal, the bride and groom, the newly engaged couple, and the rest of the attendees are seen celebrating, dancing, and sharing so much love. 

What a beautifully special day.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Facebook)


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