This Bride's Father Is Deaf. So She Signed The Lyrics To Their Father-Daughter Song.

A beautiful gesture.

Anyone who's seen the 1991 classic Father of the Bride, knows the actual most important moment of a woman's wedding is not the "I dos," not the cutting of the wedding cake, and not the rice-throwing. 

No, it's none of those things. 

The part that usually gets the waterworks going, is the father-daughter dance: that symbolic moment when a bride is given away by her dad to go start a family of her own. 

OK so maybe the father-daughter dance isn't the absolute high point part for every bride, but for one woman named Julie Finkel it sure was important. Finkel, whose father is deaf, signed the lyrics of her father-daughter song, "My Wish," using ASL so her dad could "hear" it. 


After posting the video of her signing the song on YouTube earlier this week, it quickly went viral with over 20 thousand views in just a few days. The sweet moment is a true show of affection, and hopefully her dad appreciated watching it as much as we did. 

Watch the video below:


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