People Of Scotland Prove To These Two Americans That Losing Your Dress 24 Hours Before The Wedding Is No Biggie

Thanks, Internet!

There's a reason why most of us have a wedding board on Pinterest, right?

It's because if there's one dress that really matters in life, it has to be the one you wear the day you get married.


On her wedding day, Lucia Sessions' outfit was beautiful. But it's more than just looks that made her gown so special.

Lucia and her now husband John, both originally from Seattle, USA, were due to get married on the Orkney Islands in Scotland this Tuesday. 

Unfortunately, while flying over Atlantic their luggage went missing

Losing your dress 24 hours before the ceremony... Wedding nightmares, anyone?

To help the couple, The Kirkwall Hotel, where the two were staying, posted the following:

But the Internet's response was way more grand than anyone could have ever imagined...

People of Orkney united to save Lucia's and John's wedding day:

It kept coming.

By the end of the night the bride had her entire outfit figured.

Whoa. Nice job, people. Way to make someone's special day even more special.

The Kirkwall hotel later shared a video of Mrs Sessions.

"I'm really grateful for the dress that fit, but I would have been absolutely honored to wear any of your gorgeous dresses," Sessions says. "I know they tell the story of your life, and it's a story I'll share too."

Best of luck to the newlyweds! She surely had "something borrowed." 

(H/T: Mashable, Daily Mail)


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