Bride And Groom Asked Wedding Guests For Random Acts Of Kindness Instead Of Gifts

... And got something amazing in return.

Wedding registries have become an increasingly popular tradition for easing up both, the marrying couple's and their guests' burden of finding a good present for the occasion.

However, this Florida couple had something completely new in mind.

Before exchanging wedding vows on Sept. 26, Cape Coral-based Leigh McManus and her husband James Clark Jr. asked their guests for a special favor.

Instead of gifts, these newlyweds requested their family and friends pay it forward by giving random acts of kindness.


McManus and her husband asked people to share their acts of kindness with the hashtag #KindLeighEverAfter.

To the couple's surprise, messages with completed good deeds started flowing right away.

McManus, who runs an Etsy shop of hand-painted, inspiring art, says she's been performing random acts of kindness herself for awhile now. But this time she wanted to infect others with the happiness of giving:

"We wanted people to do this not only to help celebrate our day, but to also put a drop of positivity in the bucket and hopefully keep helping others," McManus told BuzzFeed.

As a result, the happy couple witnessed their friends paying for random people's dinners, switching seats so another couple could sit together, bringing doughnuts to a local nail salon and donating supplies for a women's shelter.

One of Leigh's bridesmaids, Emily Schairer, took her daughter Chloe and delivered pet supplies to a local animal shelter.

For their part, McManus and Clark took the flowers from their wedding and delivered them to local hospital patients and nursing homes.

Now, a month later, McManus says they are still receiving acts of kindness reports from their friends.

"We are incredibly thankful that our guests decided to join in the fun, spreading love and kindness in honor of our big day. The best way we could share our love with the world was by spreading it through kindness onto others," McManus writes in her Huffington Post blog entry.


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