This Bride Couldn't Afford The Dress Of Her Dreams, Until A Stranger Stepped In

The ultimate random act of kindness.

Bride-to-be Liz Jensen was feeling the financial strain while planning her wedding. Jensen is a full-time student at Brigham Young University in Utah, the seventh of eight children, and recently returned from a mission trip. 

"My dad has been unemployed for a while. The cost of things adds up," she told

When she fell in love with a dress she couldn't afford, she was heartbroken. That is, until fate in the form of a kind stranger intervened.

Another bride-to-be in the store who wasn't lucky enough to find her dream dress that day approached the store owner, Carrie Ling, and had a bold proposition for her. 

The bride-to-be, who told Ling she wished to remain anonymous, gave the store owner enough money to pay for any dress in the store so that Ling could give it to a bride in need. 

It was because of this random act that Liz Jensen was able to walk out of the bridal store with the perfect dress for her wedding that is just two months away. 

"I hope whoever it was knows how grateful I am, and just how special she will be to me," she said. 

Jensen is hoping that her public showing of gratitude will compel the woman that paid for her dress to come forward, for not only a thank you, but an invitation to the upcoming wedding. 


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