Bride Spends 8 Months Crocheting Her Own $70 Wedding Dress, Looks Like A Princess In It

She's a keeper.

While most brides-to-be spend their days sifting through wedding catalogues hoping to find the dress of their dreams, this 22-year-old woman took a different approach.

After not being able to find a wedding gown that would fit in her price range, Abbey Ramirez-Bodley decided to ... make one herself.

Ramirez says she was inspired by a previously seen crocheted wedding dress and knew that's exactly the style she wanted. After making a few adjustments to the design and buying $70 worth of cotton yarn, she started weaving the dress for her big day.

Eight months later, her bold decision paid off.


Ramirez-Bodley says she received help from her aunt, who initially taught her to crochet, but due to the distance, they could only work on weekends.

However, the long work hours and anticipation didn't kill her dream of walking the aisle in a DIY wedding gown.

"Making something with your own hands out of love is very special on the most important day of your life," Ramirez-Bodley told Mashable.

The bride paired her crocheted gown with a green dress layered underneath that matched her wedding theme.

For ladies who would like to follow her footsteps, Abbey has only one thing to say: "Start early and don't get frustrated. The outcome is worth all the work."

(H/T: Mashable)


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