Her Late Son Couldn't Be At Her Wedding, So The Groom Surprised Her With The Man Carrying His Heart

"The ultimate wedding gift."

Most people want to have all their friends and family at their weddings so they can commemorate the special occasion with those who matter most. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, especially after families suffer tragedies. In a lot of those cases, families find ways to pay tribute to their loved ones who cannot be in attendance. 

After bride Becky Turney lost her 19-year-old son, Triston Green, in 2015, her groom, Kelly Turney, came up with a way Green could still be apart of their nuptials. 


As a way to honor the bride's late son, he invited the man who received Green's donated heart, Jacob Kilby.

Without his bride knowing, Turney flew Kilby out to their Alaskan wedding to serve as an honorary groomsman. And he kept the secret for months.

During the wedding ceremony, Turney stopped the proceedings so his bride and Kilby could meet for the very first time.

The emotional moment was captured by wedding photographer group Love Adventured, and later shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Kilby even brought a stethoscope so Turney could listen to Green's heart.

"I'm not sure there are words that can describe that moment," the bride told Babble. "I had no idea Kelly was planning this … when he walked away from me at the altar and towards the crowd. I thought 'Wait … what? Where are you going?? We're getting married!'"

CBS reported that the bride also said that having Kilby at her wedding was "the ultimate wedding gift."

The moment was emotional for the rest of the guests, too. Amber Lanphier of Love Adventured explained on Facebook that she and the groom were the only ones who knew about the surprise guest.

The pictures are also resonating with strangers and they are now going viral. In an updated Facebook post, Lanphier said that she hopes that the Turneys and Kilby's story raises awareness about organ donations. 

Organ donations, like the one Kilby received, are so important considering there are 22 people who die each day waiting for an organ transplant and every 10 minutes a new person is added to the waiting list.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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