After She Broke Her Wrist, Her Bridal Party All Showed Up In Bandages As A Sign Of Support

It was "totally unexpected."

There are lots of ways a bride prepares for her wedding: she picks out a wedding dress, finds the perfect flowers, and scouts the ideal location. But preparing for a broken wrist on your big day is not typically on the list. 

In a post shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page from Jaclyn Summers, Summers explains how she broke her wrist just 10 days before her big day. Summers tells A Plus that after trying to chase down her dogs in her home, she accidentally fell down the stairs. Unfortunately, she had to get surgery and ended up in a cast. 


Photo courtesy o fJaclyn Summers

Check out more photos from her big day below. 

But rather than let her pose in a cast alone, Summers's' bridal party — which consisted of all family and friends — decided to join in solidarity. Unbeknownst to her, Summers's wedding photographer helped orchestrate a surprise shoot with her party rocking bandages.  

The photographer, Jennifer Stanley, set up a shot asking Summers to hold up her hand with her splint, since it had become her signature pose. All of a sudden, her husband said, "I wear it better." 

"No we do!" the groomsmen said.

"No we do!" the bridesmaids added. 

Summers says she looked around and everyone was holding up their wrapped arms. It was "totally unexpected," and, of course, hilarious, she tells A Plus. Summers adds that as an event planner, she's used to knowing all the details, but this was quite the opposite.

Overall, it made a stressful few weeks leading up to the wedding a whole lot better.


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