A Famous News Anchor Raps Snoop's 'Who Am I,' And We're Feelin' It

They should play this in the clubs. (Or maybe not.)

Jimmy Fallon, what have you gone and done this time?


As the anchor and managing editor of "NBC Nightly News," Brian Williams is busy reporting on world events, so we're pretty sure he wasn't expecting a second career as a rapper. 

But thanks to Fallon and "The Tonight Show," Williams can mark that one off his bucket list. 


How is this even a thing? Well, Jimmy Fallon took a bunch of clips from the anchor's news reports, mashed his words together and threw a Snoop Lion track behind it. 

The result? Let's just say you've never seen "Who Am I" quite like this before. And we're kinda feeling it. 

Think Snoop will wanna team up with Brian Williams for a new album?

Our fingers are crossed.

Check the rap out for yourself in the video below from "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon." Keep 'em coming, Jimmy. 


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