Brian Williams Will Return To NBC, But In A Different Role. What's Next For Him?

Whatever it is, he'll probably withhold any dramatic war stories.

Brian Williams has kept a low profile since receiving a six-month suspension without pay from NBC back in February. The former host of NBC Nightly News was investigated for falsely claiming he was on a U.S. Army helicopter that was shot down during the 2003 Iraq invasion and he promptly removed himself from air. According to various reports, Williams will return to NBC when his suspension expires in August, but he won't just pick up where he left off.

Williams had been the host and managing editor of NBC's flagship evening news program since December 2004, when he took over for Tom Brokaw. He first joined the network in 1993, and previously worked as a White House correspondent for both CNBC and MSNBC. Many times both on and off-air, he would recount the story of being on a shot-down U.S. Army helicopter.

The holes in his recount of events finally started to appear back in February when a crew member on the helicopter commented on an NBC Nightly News post, saying, "Sorry dude, I don't remember you being on my aircraft." That prompted an internal investigation by NBC, and Williams was forced to remove himself from air and apologize for fabricating the story.

So where does he go from here?

Sources say he'll allegedly go back to MSNBC, handling big breaking news stories. For a while it appeared as though he may not return to NBC at all though, and it seems like others in the network are still skeptical he should be there at all, given that he may have tarnished its name with his lies. Ultimately, NBC has realized it can't let him go to another network, or possibly start a more comedy-centric show of his own on HBO, Comedy Central or somewhere else.

So regardless of where it happens, expect a massive show of regret in August when Williams hits the air again. Everyone loves a heartfelt apology.

(H/T: Newsweek)

Cover image: The Secret Life Of Brian Williams via Flickr



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