13 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Express What Being A Parent Is Like

"Children: They're only dumb for a short while."

As the father of two children, aged 4 and 7, cartoonist Brian Gordon knows firsthand just how absurd being a parent can be. 

"You don't know frustration until you've argued with a tiny version of yourself over the reasons they need to eat, drink or use the bathroom," he told Buzzfeed

Now, he's channeled that frustration into his very clever and hilarious comic series, Fowl Language.

The comics follow a family of ducks and highlight the challenges and rewards of parenting. There's Dicky, the nervous wreck father duck, his loving wife Jackie, and their two children Champ and Missy. 


Check out some of the hilarious and relatable things the family of ducks deals with:

1. It should be added to the dictionary.

2. So naive.

3. They're too picky, but only at the table.

4. Maybe you wouldn't be so bored if you were still sleeping.

5. Is there anything worse than an itch you can't scratch?

6. We should all just use sippy cups forever.


7. So much better when they don't know about options.

8. This definitely happens.

9. Oops, that should've been the first guess.

10. Gotta skip the waiting rooms when you can.

11. The things you can get away with are amazing when they're so young.

12. It helps that they're so cute.

13. It's like they don't have eyes.

(H/T: Buzzfeed

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