Your Phone Will Never Let You Down Again

The web service that will simplify your life.

Brewster's mission is clear: to simplify your life.

The new service, which is designed to keep people's address books up to date and in sync with each other, is the most recent evolution in staying connected with friends, family and co-workers. 

"The address book is one of the services that is most important to have on your phone but we treat it like garbage," Steven Greenwood, the CEO of Brewster, told A+.


For the average person, who typically puts together hundreds or thousands of contacts, information is constantly becoming missing, outdated, or scattered across multiple services. Brewster, according to Greenwood, is the solution to those problems.

"I built Brewster to solve my own problem," Greenwood told A+. "When I was in school, I was constantly meeting new people and wanted a way to make sure I would be able to stay in touch after we graduated. So I built a massive spreadsheet to organize everyone I know in one place that I could then add to my phone, personal and professional address books. You can imagine what a manual process this was. Brewster essentially takes this concept, automates it, and enables my contacts to seamlessly fill in their current info so we can stay in touch."

Perhaps the best part about Brewster is that it only takes a minute to set up. We started using it here in the A+ office, and the quick process to set it up will make it really appealing to users. Link up your phone, email and apps and before you know it your contacts will be taking care of themselves. 

It's also important to understand Brewster isn't creating a new address book in your phone or email, it's simply re-organizing the one you have. You may be hesitant to hand your contacts over to yet another service, but Greenwood explained how they've set up the system so you shouldn't have any concerns.

"Its works by directional verification, which means someone has to have you as a verified contact in order to receive your updated information," Greenwood said. "The verification is a really strong, seamless way to protect who is getting you."

Greenwood also passed along a few testimonials, and this one really stuck out to us:

"I always screen numbers I don't know, and the other day I missed a call from my cousin who was in town. Since using Brewster, I know that any contact will always be up-to-date with a phone number and I won't miss my cousin's call again!"

To clean up your contacts now, head over to Brewster and take a few seconds to put in your information. Then tell your friends!


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