Brett Favre Surprises An Inspirational Coach And The Mother Of A Fallen Soldier


At Broadway High School in Virginia, one coach leads an inspiring tradition. 

Since 2009, Brad Lutz, head coach of the school's football team, has been using each game to honor a different fallen soldier in the hopes that the tradition would "teach kids what true sacrifice" is, as he explains in a video for TODAY.

But the last home game of the season is reserved for one very special player, Brian Anderson.

According to the TODAY report, Brian (aka "Bucky") was a "hometown hero," an all-district football player for Broadway in 2003. Bucky was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

So at that final game, Lutz nominates one player to wear Bucky's number, 21, and represent him on the field. 


"Coach Lutz makes sure that the boys know that Bucky was one of them," Margaret Anderson, Bucky's mother, says.

While the team honors her son, Margaret can be seen cheering from the sidelines, watching another young player wear her son's number in the best light.

"That's a Bucky move," she says, smiling as number 21 completes a familiar play. 

Overall, the evening brings the community together, Margaret says, and she thinks Coach Lutz deserves a huge thank you.

Indeed, they both do.

"Anyone home?" asks Brett Favre, a Packers Hall of Fame Quarterback.

In the video below, part of TODAY's "Together We Make Football" series, Favre surprises Margaret and Coach Lutz with an in-person visit, just as Margaret reminisces with Lutz about watching Favre, her favorite player, play years back.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Lutz says when Favre walks into the living room.

Favre tells the pair that they are finalists in TODAY's contest to win a trip to Super Bowl 50, and both Margaret and Lutz are overcome with emotion.

It's an epic moment for two well-deserving people.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

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