This Little Girl Met Country Singer Brett Eldredge, But It Was His Dog Edgar That Brought Out Her Smile

"Lily, your smile could change the world."

Meeting a singer backstage can really take the experience of going to a concert to a whole new level — add in a puppy and there's no limit to how much happiness you might witness. That's exactly what happened when a little girl named Lily visited Brett Eldredge and she got a huge surprise that brought a smile to her face.


In a video posted to social media, Eldredge meets with the 6-year-old fan and can't help but point out the awesome shirt she is wearing. Her homemade design reads "I (heart emoji) Edgar Eldredge," in honor of the "Somethin' I'm Good At" singer's pup, who is pretty internet famous.

Eldredge — after getting the little girl to spell her name for him — goes on to make Lily's dream come true by bringing out Edgar, who is ready to give everyone kisses. Upon getting that lick of love from a very excited Edgar, Lily flashes a smile that, as the Eldredge points out in the caption, "could change the world."

"Brett you truly are amazing. You went above and beyond to make our little girls [sic] day!!! The smile that you and Edgar put on her face is still there this morning. We cannot thank you enough," Kim Andrews, Lily's mom, wrote in the video's comments on Facebook — where the video has received as much support as well as it has on Instagram, which is a lot.

This isn't the first time Eldredge and Edgar have elicited smiles. The two are frequently awww-worthy on social media and the pup even has a dedicated Instagram account. Let's take a look at this duo's best moments from the very beginning:

Their first meeting.

Could this photo shoot be any cuter? We think not.

All those times Eldredge sang to Edgar.

We have to say we're quite partial to the cover of Train's "Drops of Jupiter," but honestly, we love them all. The common theme here seems to be that Edgar loves sleeping.

Watching Edgar eat ice cream.

Relatable AF.

When Eldredge proved to be a total dog dad over and over again.

"Dad, you're embarrassing me," Edgar said. At least we imagine he did.

That time Edgar turned 1 year old.

Where was our invite?!

And seeing how far these two have come and how much love they have for each other.

Stay adorable, you guys!

(H/T: Taste of Country)


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