Canadian Husband Creates A Series Of Boudoir Photos As A Birthday Gift For His Wife


Meet Brendon Williams, a loving husband from Canada, aka easily the most creative birthday gift-giver EVER.


This year, Brendon didn't feel like browsing stores to find the perfect birthday gift for his wife. Instead, he decided to be safe and go with the one thing she loves the most — him!

No, he didn't cover himself in glitter, or wrap a huge gift bow around his neck. Williams did something much more creative than that — a sultry boudoir-inspired photoshoot that was later turned into a book.

"I've always had the thought in the back of my mind to get boudoir photos done as a gift for my wife, because I thought she would get a kick out of it," Brendon told A Plus.

Back in December, Brendon approached photographer and good friend Masika Allan of Masika May Photography with the idea, and she couldn't have been more thrilled to help.

The Duncan-based photographer says she's known Williams' wife her entire life, and captured every milestone this couple had. That's why creating something like this was a total blast for her.

"I had to hold my breath so the camera would stop shaking! I just couldn't contain my laughter. He just killed every pose," she wrote on Facebook.

Williams and Allan brainstormed ideas, and decided to follow the usual boudoir photography aesthetic.

In the photos, you can see Brendon goofing around the house, trying to channel his sex appeal for the camera.

Way to smize, Brendon!

"I loved posing for the photos. We went well beyond what I expected, but that's part of what made it so fun. More than anything, I was excited to see my wife's reaction," he said.

Williams says he also included some "serious" photos with all of his clothes on. 

According to him, his wife was in shock and absolutely loved the gift. Like it could've gone differently when you include shots like this! When A Plus asked how he's planning to top this gift next year, Brendon revealed he's already got a plan.

"My wife jokingly said a trip to Paris might be the only way I can top it, so I'd better start saving my money now." 

Brendon's creative idea quickly went viral and was aptly titled "Dudeoir" and "Bro-doir" photography.


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