You'll Never See Breathing The Same Way After Watching This Breathtaking Video

"A film about the invisible life-force."

There are things we do in life so often that we forget to take stock of just how incredible they are. Like breathing. On average, an at rest human being takes between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. The math is simple — that's at least 20,000 breaths a day, or, if you'd like, 7.3 million a year. 

And each of those breaths is unique. Think of a child's first time breathing the world around her in, or a student's lazy yawn after a long day of work, or someone gulping for air before doing something that really scares them.

Daniel and Katina Macadante, a California-based filmmaking duo, seem to understand this better than anyone else. With the goal of "making films that celebrate life,"  they created a stunning ode to every breath a person takes over the course of their life.

Scroll down to see the (literally!) breathtaking video. We love every single moment of it.


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(H/T: Booooooom)


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