11 Photos Brilliantly Parody The Struggles Of Moms Breastfeeding At Work

Funny and real.

While breastfeeding in public is legal in most states, there is no federal paid maternity leave in the U.S. This forces many mothers in the U.S. to return to work shortly after childbirth and face the embarrassments of breastfeeding in an office.

Jessica Shortall, a former working mom in corporate America, recently published a book and a photo series that show the awkward struggles for working mothers who are breastfeeding in an office.

"I wanted to show what working and breastfeeding in the corporate world truly looks like, because it gives women a sense of validation and solidarity, and to make a point: we are not doing right by new mothers who are working their butts off to do their jobs and make food for their babies," Shortall wrote to Bustle.

Here are 11 photos that show moms breastfeeding at work in the most realistic ways possible:


1. When you're nursing and working at the same time, you can only smile.

2. Certainly a memorable sales meeting.

3. Do these signs help?

4. High-five!

5. Just passing the time.

6. Trying to make the elevator is a challenge.

7. An alternative use for a storage room.

8. Be careful in the kitchen.

9. Pumping in the bathroom stall.

10. Hiding it from you co-workers might be a challenge.

11. Spills happen.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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