Avon Ad Asks Best Friends To Encourage Each Other To Get Breast Exams

Be a Breast Friend.

What would you do for your best friend? Would you hold her hair back as she pukes up happy hour? Create a voodoo doll of her ex? Help her shred some mystery documents, no questions asked?

Avon rounded up some pairs of best friends and asked them just what they would do for each other. Predictably, the responses were a resounding anything, with people offering to take bullets, donate livers, and suck snake venom out of butt cheeks.


But then the women were reminded there's something a lot simpler and more important they can do: Make each other get breast exams. Some of the pairs felt each other up in the spirit of no-boundaries-friendship, while others seemed like they were going to leave this on up to the doctors. 

Either way, the video does a great job of reminding us the less dramatic and glamorous ways of showing our loved ones we care can be the most important ones.


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