16 Things This Guy Sawed In Half After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend

Well, that's one way to split belongings.

Bad breakups happen and people have different ways of coping. Maybe you stay in bed, binge watching romantic comedies on Netflix, or maybe you spend more time with your friends or make a Tinder profile. One guy in Germany had a different idea. 

He decided to saw all his possessions in half, from his car to his MacBook Pro. He even filmed himself doing it, and uploaded the video to YouTube. The German description translates to: "Thank you for 12 "beautiful" years Laura !!!!! You've really earned half. Greetings also to my successor."

Now, he's selling his half of the possessions on eBay

Check out all the things he cut in half below: 


1. This car.

2. This iPhone.

3. This bike.

4. This teddy bear.

5. This closet.

6. This MacBook Pro.

7. This TV.

8. This couch.

9. This bed.

10. This landline phone.

11. These chairs.

12. This mailbox.

13. This record.

14. This disk recorder.

15. This DVD.

16. This motorcycle helmet.

In case you want to watch his process, he filmed it. Check out the video:

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