13 Pieces Of Breakfast-Themed Jewelry That Are Actually Masterpieces

Let the world know you've got breakfast on the mind.

Breakfast is more than just the most important meal of the day; it's a lifestyle. We take breakfast incredibly seriously, and believe full devotion to breakfast is the only way to go. An important part of breakfast adoration is showing the world you've got breakfast on the mind even when you're not eating, and jewelry is a great way to do that. Check out these incredibly intricate micro-masterpieces that pay tribute to our favorite meal.


1. Breakfast burrito earrings.

2. Waffle pendant.

3. English breakfast ring.

4. Breakfast charm bracelet.

5. Grapefruit ring, featuring a spoon because of course.

6. Skillet earrings.

7. World's most intricate Nutella platter.

8. Froot Loops charm.

9. Egg and beans cufflinks, for the big day.

10. Buttered donut earrings, because donuts need to be enhanced with butter.

11. Pancake cufflinks, for all those other big days.

12. Vaguely healthy breakfast broach.

13. Low-key croissant earrings.


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