These Moms Talk To Each Other Like They'd Talk To Their Kids, And It Is Hilarious

"Don't sass me!"

It is the role of parents to teach manners to their children.

The trouble is, of course, that kids (younger ones especially) need extra reminders on how to be a polite member of society. 

In a new video by the hilarious sketch comedy group Break Womb, a group of mothers gather to have some wine and talk about hot movie stars. Pretty standard mom stuff, really, with one glaring catch: they talk to each other the way they talk to their kids. 


They correct each other from interrupting.

They praise for making independent decisions.

They try to keep germs at bay.

Over the course of a normal conversation, it becomes crystal clear that even though parents try to hold their children to a certain standard, the we're more willing to give our friends a pass for doing the exact same thing.

Though most mothers are nothing but well-meaning, this video is a painfully hilarious eye-opener of what we actually sound like when communicating with our children.

Check out the hilarious conversation here:

[All images via Break Womb]

[H/T: Huffington Post]


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