How To Use Fashion To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of that rut.

In an effort to help you break out of your comfort zone, and mix up your wardrobe while you're at it, we've chosen a few key pieces to incorporate into your regular style choices. Because a simple fashion change can inspire you to feel more empowered, help you command attention, make others take heed of your presence, and beyond! 

So, for those introverts out there who may stick to neutral colors, break into the spotlight with a few added pops of color. Or, add a statement piece that will act as a conversation starter to boost your confidence at any social gathering. 

But remember, feeling good in what you're wearing is key, so push the boundaries at your own leisure. But for those itching to try something new right now, a few refreshing fashion pieces are sure to help you re-envision your look and break out of your comfort zone.


Add color.

Don't get us wrong: stocking your wardrobe with neutral essentials is key to keeping your closet consistent and long-lasting. But for those who find themselves wearing white, black, and brown all day, every day, try incorporating a few colorful pieces in the coming months.

Adding color into your wardrobe may also put you in a better mood: David Zyla, Emmy-Award-winning stylist and author of The Color of Style  says "choosing purple as your clothing color will allow you to exude an air of regality and leadership," according to Everyday Health.  Moreover, wearing pink can put you in a happier mood, the publication reports.

To amp up your white tee, pair it with a metallic skirt or layer it under a bright top or a funky bomber in one of your favorite colors. 

Add height.

Tall women: flaunt what you've got! Don't be afraid to add a little extra height to your wardrobe. And if you're on the shorter side, don't shy away from pieces you're not used to wearing. 

To lengthen the look of your outfit, try a flared jean, a vertical-striped top, or a pointed heel. For a subtle addition, try a platform slip on like the ones below.

And most importantly, stand tall in your new outfit, literally lengthening your body simply by approving your posture. In fact, science suggests that quitting your slouch "can lead to more confidence in your own thoughts," according to Happify

Make a statement.

Use your clothes and accessories to make a statement and strike up a conversation in social situations. For those who need a little extra push, we've chosen a statement choker and clutch as well as a graphic tee and an oversized hat. When people ask you about your statement pieces, feel free to clue them in on where you got them, why they spoke to you, and beyond.

We hope these pieces can help give you the confidence to both embrace and mix up your style!


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