5-Year-Old Learns Importance Of Helping Others After Stranger's Kind Gesture

"Do something for them so they're not sad anymore."

Life lessons are most effective when they're experienced rather than taught. That's why Brea Schmidt was going to use the experience of her 5-year-old daughter losing a carnival game to teach a lesson.

The Thinking Branch blogger explained in a Facebook post about how her daughter desperately wanted to win a Trolls Poppy Doll at a church festival, but she lost the game. As tempted as she was to give her daughter another dollar to play again, she withheld it because she wanted to show that sometimes you don't always win in life.


However, another mom "threw a wrench in the life-lesson-dealing-plan" by offering to buy more tickets.

The stranger paid for the tickets using her own money and continued playing the game for the young girl. And lo and behold, she ended up winning, so Schmidt's daughter was able to pick out her beloved Trolls Poppy Doll.

The 5-year-old was thrilled that she got her toy, but she also took away another important life lesson.

Schmidt asked her daughter how she felt about the stranger's kind gesture and what she took away from it. The girl responded that it made her feel really good that someone did something nice for her.

The 5-year-old elaborated about the important lesson she learned. "Do something for them so they're not sad anymore," she said.

The blogger says it's especially important that her daughter learned the lesson now before she goes to kindergarten in September because it will hopefully enable her to "reach into her heart to find a way to help her friend feel better."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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