This Brazilian Goddess Can Juggle A Soccer Ball In 5-Inch Killer High Heels

Just like that.

Meet Raquel Benetti from Brazil. Benetti is a freestyle soccer player, a model and entertainment promoter.


This lady can work some serious magic when it comes to juggling a soccer ball.

And not just in comfy sneakers, but in killer heels too.

Most people can't even walk in those. Sheesh...

According to Benetti's website, she began her career in soccer when she was only 8 years old.

Since discovering her talent, Benetti has been traveling the world, performing on various TV shows and participating in parades.

The Internet often refers to Benetti as the "Musa das Embaixadinhas," or the muse of soccer trick techniques.

A real muse, indeed.

Check out this video of Benetti working her magic on the streets of São Paulo.

Follow Raquel Benetti on Facebook and Instagram to see more jaw-dropping tricks.

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