Watch The Cutest Chaos Ensue When A Brazilian Bachelorette Party Crashes A BBC Rio Olympics Broadcast

"How do you solve a problem like Maria? You interview her!"

Not much can upstage the 2016 Rio Olympics ... except maybe a bachelorette party.


It was just another night of Olympic coverage for BBC Four's Dan Walker when he spotted a "hen party" parading by his outdoor broadcast area. Figuring most viewers were already tuned to the live athletics on BBC One, Walker decided to have a quick and fun chat with the bride-to-be, Maria. 

After learning Maria was getting married in one month on September 17, Walker asked, "Are all this lot coming to the wedding?" He gestured to the other members of her bachelorette party chanting "Maria" along the sidelines. 

If that wasn't enough, Maria then took this special opportunity to prove that throwing a bachelorette party was a new Olympic sport — and she was going for the gold.

In an impassioned moment of self-expression, she shared some sweet — if not completely articulate — words with her future hubby.

"I love you so much," Maria said. "You are my love, love, love. You are my crush!" Not only did Maria totally nail #RelationshipGoals by marrying her crush, but she also accomplished some serious #LifeGoals by declaring it on international television. 

To thank Walker for his time, Maria and her "marry" band of bachelorettes finished the interview by chanting "BBC! BBC! BBC!"

Later, Walker tweeted, "How do you solve a problem like Maria? You interview her!" Though he admitted hundreds of things could've gone wrong during the broadcast, it was "great fun." 

Somewhere in Rio de Janeiro, Maria probably woke up the next morning and — after seeing herself all over the television and internet, and taking a much-needed aspirin — hopefully thought the same thing. 

Watch the full bachelorette BBC takeover below:


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