Brazilian Cop Surprises Kids With Toys During Traffic Stop

What a gesture!

Natalia Antunes was driving a few days ago in Itu, a city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Her four kids, all ages 10 and under, were in the back of the car. Suddenly, something unexpected happened.


A cop stopped them.

Antunes pulled the car over, unaware of what she did wrong. The police officer approached her car. Antunes had all of her driving documents ready to show the officer.

When he arrived, she rolled down her window. The police officer looked inside and spotted the children.

"Four," the officer yelled out at his colleague waiting in the police car.

At that point, Antunes was confused. The other police officer walked to her car and gave them something unexpected.

The cops gave then four toys — one for each child.

The cop also posed for a photo with the children and their new toys. Antunes posted the photo to Facebook with a special message.

 "I come here to show my gratitude," she wrote. "My children will never forget that day."


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