Braylon Beam, An Adorable Kid Fighting Cancer, Goes To The Super Bowl As Ellen's Correspondent

We're beaming.

In May of last year, Braylon Beam appeared on The Ellen Show as an inspiration for children with cancer.

Ellen DeGeneres recognized Braylon for his incredible spirit, seeing as he faced chemotherapy with the utmost bravery: in an effort to stay positive, Beam danced his way through his treatments.  

Since then, Braylon's been back on The Ellen Show a few times. And just before to the Super Bowl, DeGeneres welcomed Beam and his family to the stage for a special surprise. There, his mother reported that her son's tumor is stable and his doctors are optimistic.

With that, DeGeneres announced that she would be sending Braylon and his parents to Super Bowl 50 to be her show's very own game day correspondent.  

Now that Sunday's big game is over, Beam appeared on the show once more to show the audience all that happened back in San Francisco. 


In the footage, Beam danced and hugged players from both teams, hung out on the field, rallied the crowd, and even met a few of his own fans, too.

And though the Panthers didn't win, Beam reassures Carolina fans: "It doesn't matter if you lose. They played hard. They played their best. The Panthers will be here next year."

We're sure this is a day Braylon will never forget.


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