6-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Dances After His Treatments. Now Ellen Has A Big Surprise For Him.

Go Braylon!

After 6-year-old Braylon Beam receives chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer, he doesn't just crawl straight into bed. 


Instead, he dances.

Ellen DeGeneres said the boy "defines the word bravery," and welcomed Braylon and his parents to her show this week.

There, Braylon's father explained that they film the dancing to shed a new, positive perspective on pediatric care for cancer patients.

And thankfully, recent MRI scans show Braylon's tumor hasn't spread to his optic nerve, and that his spine is tumor-free.

Braylon tells Ellen that when he grows up, he wants to be the head coach for his favorite football team, the Carolina Panthers.

So the Panther's head coach, Ron Rivera, invited Braylon to be the ceremonial Keep Pounding drummer at an upcoming home game.

According to the Panthers' website, the Keep Pounding program encourages cancer patients, survivors, and their families to "overcome obstacles in their lives" while we try to find a cure. The program's fund supports research efforts at Carolinas Medical Center, and has already raised over one million dollars. 

Moreover, Braylon's favorite Panther, quarterback Cam Newton, sent Braylon a basket of team gear, including an autographed helmet and a custom jersey.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. 

Ellen gave Braylon the opportunity to fulfill his dream of being a guest DJ on her show, and gave his parents a brand new car, along with a check for $10,000.

But most importantly, Braylon's positivity is spreading like wildfire on social media:

So keep dancing Braylon, you're doing an incredible job.

You can make a donation to Team Braylon here.

Check out his interview with Ellen:

And see more of his incredible dance moves here:

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