World-Famous Performer Sings Her Heart Out On The Subway — But No One Cares

Learn to appreciate what's around you.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, a really awesome performer will end up on your subway car and provide you with entertainment along your commute — for free.

Or if you're really lucky, someone famous for their musical talent will show up.

But if you're too busy or caught up in your own world, you'll miss it. 


Which is exactly what happened on a New York City subway ride this week.

Brandy, a Grammy Award-winning singer at the top of the charts in the '90s and '00s, made her way onto a subway for a spontaneous, underground performance.

Then, she sang her heart out. But no one reacted.

Brandy even shouts out to the crowd, asking them if they enjoyed her performance. No one responds.

"Hello!?" she says, trying to get anyone's attention. "I just sang from the heart."

Finally, one guy steps up.

“This isn’t a cold city — this is a warm city, ready to embrace you," he says in a video that captured the moment.

"Don't be scared...You've got talent. Go for it," he adds.

This has happened before.

In 2014, singer-songwriter and actress Erykah Badu sang for a crowd in Times Square, NYC.

Watch Brandy's attempt at wooing the crowd below:

Moreover, whether they're famous or just starting out, artists have talent and, more importantly, confidence. And THAT alone deserves our attention.


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