Challenge Your Brain With These 7 Short Mind-Bending Videos

You will be confused forever.

If you make it through this article without being fooled, you're sharper than any of us. 

All over the Internet you can find confusing illusions, tricks and questions. Whether it is the color of a dress or the direction a train is moving, these "brain tricks" captivate people because they are usually so simple, but so undetectable until it is too late. 

In the following numbered sections, we've laid out seven of our favorite videos about the brain. All but no. 5 will probably force you to replay the video, but only once you realize that you've been duped.

If, however, you make it through this gauntlet of mind tricks without being fooled, please be sure to let us know in the comments. Good luck! 


1. Simply follow the instructions.

2. Try to figure out the illusion before it's given away.

3. Can you solve the mystery?

4. Let David Blaine read your mind.

5. Figure out why your brain is doing what it does.

6. Wrap your head around this illusion...

7. And this one.


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