This Mind-Bending Test Will Reveal How Good Your Brain Is At Solving Two Issues At Once

Flex your brain. This one's going to be tough.

Your brain is a vast and beautiful cobweb of intertwined neurons, without which you would not know how to lift your hand or shake your head, and also need to make any sort of cognitive decision.

Yet, when you come to think of it, even this well-oiled mechanism is not entirely perfect.

Despite dealing with a myriad of complex issues on a daily basis, our brain can still get easily confused by the simplest things and this test performed by Science World effortlessly proves it.


Called the Stroop effect, it explores how your brain processes multiple streams of conflicting information ...

... or, in simpler words, it illustrates what happens when our brain is presented with two contradicting tasks at once, specifically perceiving text and color.

The premise of the Stroop effect is that our brain recognizes written language faster than it recognizes color. The fun begins when a viewer is presented with a task of naming the color of a printed word but the word itself is a name of a different color.

Example: seeing the word "green" printed in yellow.

Anyway, it's really better if you check it out for yourself:


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