This Football Player Came Out This Year. Now He's Using Music To Send A Message.

"I just wanted to spread love."

Earlier this year, Air Force football player Bradley Kim came out publicly as gay. He is reportedly the first athlete at a service academy to do so. As it turns out, Kim is also a talented musician, and he's sending a message through his music by releasing a powerful new song for those who are still in the closet.


As Outsports reports, the song is called "Not Alone." Kim shared an excerpt from the gentle, acoustic tune on his Instagram page, saying it's the first song he has written and produced himself. He's previously posted covers of songs by artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Sam Smith on his YouTube channel.

"This song is for those who feel trapped by their circumstance and feel like they don't have anyone to turn to — something I felt growing up," he wrote. "I'm inspired by those who are confidently able to be their genuine selves, but feel for those who aren't because I've been on both sides."

"It's never easy to / Reveal what's true to you / But I'll be there right by your side," Kim sings on the track, later telling the listener, "There's strength in knowing that / There are numbers on your side / You are strong / Don't let them drag you down / You are perfect how you are / You are strong."

Kim joins a record number of openly gay college football players this season. When he came out to his fellow defensive backs on the team earlier this year, they reportedly gave him a standing ovation. It's inspiring to see that he's now using his voice to support others who may be struggling.

"It's not fun to feel like you can't be yourself for fear of judgement," Kim ended his Instagram post, "so I just wanted to spread love and let everyone know that you will never be alone in this world."

Listen to "Not Alone" below:


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