There's Something Deeply Satisfying About 'Bracelet Nails'

We can't look away.

We've seen people decorate their nails to look like shattered glass, cable knits, and even infused marijuana designs. But none of those styles are quite as intricate as the latest technique we've discovered. 

Manicurists at Korea-based Unistella Nails developed a new nail art style called "bracelet nails." The style gets its name from the resemblance between the design and the way wearing several bracelets on your arm intertwine. It looks like teeny tiny bracelets on your nails. 


Some of the lines are made using polish and are actual pieces of string. Other embellishments are added to look like beads or charms. The process can take up to two and a half hours to complete, but the result is a unique eye-catching style that may just be worth it. 

The design may look haphazard, but each line or rhinestone on each nail is diligently placed. This makes the small, intricate designs extremely gratifying to look at. It's kind of amazing how much detail these manicurists add to make it look like there are bracelets on their patrons' nails. 

See for yourself in the photos below:

Would you try it? Let us know in the comments.

(H/T: InStyle


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