Powerful Video Examines What It Means For Kids To Hear 'Boys Will Be Boys' At Home

"It's time to change that narrative and it will start with us."

How parents approach gender roles can leave a lasting impact on their children. Often, kids learn the differences between what their parents find appropriate for girls versus for boys at a very young age. The minds behind this powerful PSA hope to change the strict, narrow gender roles narrative that's often found in households across the country. 

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Gloria Morán created a short video titled "Boys Will Be Boys." In it, actor Jorge Diaz delivers a dialogue written in the form a letter to his young daughter. 

While washing dishes, tidying up the house, and dressing his daughter, he explains how he wants to raise her differently than he was raised. 

He describes how he was scolded when his father caught him trying on his mom's heels, how the girls in his family were expected to cook and clean without any help from the boys, and how his sister was given much less freedom and independence to go out, spend time with friends, and date. 

"I felt kind of bad for her, but my dad assured me that 'boys know what they're doing and girls just don't!' And I figured, he knew best," he said. "I took a backseat to standing up for my cousins or my sister because everyone else around me assured me that's the way it's supposed to be."

Eventually, he realized that's not the example he wanted to set for his daughter. 

"Being a man is about challenging the script that was handed down to us," he added. "And I especially don't want you, mi hija, to grow up in a world where you will be told 'boys will be boys.' t's time to change that narrative and it will start with us." 


You can watch the whole PSA below:


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