Two 12-Year-Old Boys Save Girl With Autism From Drowning

Quick thinking on the part of these two young men.

Police in Roman Forest, Texas, are crediting quick thinking and even quicker acting on the part of two 12-year-old boys who saved a 4-year-old girl named Melodie from drowning in a creek, according to ABC 13 Eyewitness News

The boys — named Markuise and Cameron, according to Inside Edition — were riding their bicycles past Peach Creek, which is located near the girl's backyard, where she may have been playing with her pet pig. "They saw the girl playing on the other side of the creek. She tried to swing on a limb," Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle told ABC 13. "She fell in the water and she looked like she was drowning. So one of the boys pulled her out of the water and the other one assisted."

ABC 13 reports that one of the boys is the son of a Houston police officer. 

Once out of the water, the boys ran to a nearby home for help. Neighbor Ricky Duke and Lucia McCreight wrapped the girl in blankets and summoned the police. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was reunited with her parents.

The girl's mother, Melissa Maddox, told ABC 13 that although she was being watched by her stepfather, sometimes she wanders off unseen. 

"She's got autism and we just found out about it. She just likes to wander off and do her own thing sometimes," she said, adding that her daughter had been inside for a few days because of winter temperatures. "She's just been asking for days to go outside and I guess she just slipped outside without saying anything after I left for work."


Roman Forest Police praised the boys on Facebook. "The two 12-year-old boys who saved this girl are heroes in the eyes of RFPD. Thank you for your quick action."

Thank you, indeed. 


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