Little Boy Asks For Same Haircut As His Friend So You 'Wouldn't Be Able To Tell Them Apart'

"If this isn't proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don't know what is."

Please allow this 5-year-old to give us all a lesson in racial prejudice. Jax, a young boy from Louisville, Kentucky, asked his mom Lydia Stith Rosebush for a haircut that matched his friend's. Rosebush shared a photo of the two boys on Facebook with an explanation about the exchange with her son — and the reason why he wanted a matching haircut has the photo going viral.

"This morning Jax and I were discussing his wild hair. I told him that he needed a haircut this weekend. He said that he wanted his head shaved really short so he could look like his friend Reddy. He said he couldn't wait to go to school on Monday with his hair like Reddy's so that his teacher wouldn't be able to tell them apart. He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut," she wrote. "Here's a picture of Jax and Reddy from their Christmas program. I'm sure you all see the resemblance."

In the photo she posted, Jax, in a red knitted sweater, and Reddy, wearing the red tie with penguins on it, are at their Christmas program smiling. 


"If this isn't proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don't know what is," Rosebush continued. "The only difference Jax sees in the two of them is their hair." 

Rosebush's post has been shared over 82,000 times and amassed 92,000 likes in just one week. The comments are filled with positivity, with many people sharing that Jax's story brought them joy and commending Rosebush on her parenting. 

"And that's how it should be," one commenter wrote " ... Children are the purest version of us that we should strive to be like."

"It's obvious that Jax has great parents who are teaching him what really matters in life. This post made my weekend," another commenter wrote

Some people took to the comments section to share their own experience with racial prejudice. 

"Thank you for sharing this story. I don't think people realize the impact their prejudices have on our children," one commenter wrote. "I recently had to comfort my son after he had his first racial incident. He's grown up surrounded by multiculturalism and it was the hardest thing explaining to him that some people don't like him simply because of his skin color. It broke my heart as he's never been one to notice skin color and has friends from all backgrounds." 

Rosebush was surprised to see her post go viral. "I just made the post because my kid is hilarious and cute," she told ABC7. "I never anticipated this. It just struck me as funny that Jax doesn't even notice that Reddy is a different color. When he describes Reddy he never mentions it. I thought with all the hate in the world today, we could use this lesson from an almost 5-year-old."

Jax did end up getting the same haircut as Reddy. No word yet on whether his teacher could tell the difference between the two of them.

Jax's story gives us hope for the future.

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