Guys Read Their Girlfriends' Old Diaries And It's All Embarrassingly Adorable

"My heart is beating really fast actually."

If you opened up your old childhood diaries, what would you find inside?

Love notes? Old poems you wrote to your crush? A play-by-play of fifth-grade recess complete with who kissed who on the jungle gym, or how you hoped you'd get picked for the better kickball team?

In a new video for Glamour magazine, guys get to read their girlfriends' old diary entries and, needless to say, the women are a little bit nervous about it.

"My heart is beating really fast actually," participant Justina says as she hands her boyfriend her diary, chronicling thoughts from sixth through eighth grade. 

"This is Maria. And I love Zac. And I love Hanson," another boyfriend reads, from his girlfriend, Maria's, diary. "I want to marry Zac. I want to kiss Zac. I love Zac. Backstreet Boys."


"I love everyone!" Maria concludes, laughing.

"Dear Diary," another boyfriend reads from the start of an entry from his girlfriend's journal. "I CANNOT stop thinking about the dance last night! I'm so proud of myself for letting go. I even shook my bootie!"

"Listen ... to shake your booty a little is like a big deal!" she responds. 

Fortunately, the entries don't stop there.

Be sure to watch the full video below for more, and perhaps it will inspire you to let your significant other read your diaries too?


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