Girlfriend Creates Twitter Account To Share All The Things Her Boyfriend Says In His Sleep

Sounds like he's having some pretty wild dreams.

When a person overhears a joke so funny it makes them burst into scream-laughing sessions, it's only natural they'd want to share it with the world — parents, friends, co-workers, maybe even that sweet lady at the bagel store.

But what if the jokes just keep on rolling in? Well, then you do what this woman did.

A Kansas woman named Caitlin created a secret Twitter account called @Sleep_Sayings to document all the silly, weird, nonsensical things her boyfriend says in his sleep. 

Thanks to his wild dreams and her social media savviness, they've both became sort of Internet famous, and now you can check out their collaborative effort in the hilarious tweets below:


Wait, is he proposing? Oh, guess not.

There really isn't.

Maybe just don't.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you mean?

Who doesn't love apples, though?

You really can't.

Because tigers are awesome and everyone should get one ASAP.

Was he playing God in his sleep?

Next time you smell something peculiar, it's probably coming out of your eye sockets.

She even interviewed her sweetheart about being Twitter famous and his response was, well, concise:


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