Girl Puts Her Boyfriend To The Ultimate Relationship Test With A Beyoncé Exam

Sounds legit.

Every relationship has trials and tribulations: first vacations together, meeting the parents, repainting the kitchen... whatever it is, it's a pain. But this girl wanted to try something new.


Yes, you read that right. Allie Davis, aka @Fergyoncé, asked her boyfriend to take a Beyoncé-themed exam. The task she set was simple: score at least 60 percent to stay in the relationship.

Here are some of the questions that prove this girl is not messing around:

– Please name three Beyoncé songs (any more can be used as extra credit).

– Briefly explain the Solange Knowles elevator incident. Who was involved? What was the public's reaction? Did Beyoncé respond to the incident?

– Who is the better live vocalist: Beyoncé or Rihanna?

– Finish the lyric: "Then I fill the tub up halfway and ride it with my ____ ____."

The test was just a fun prank, of course. Davis confirmed she wasn't going to reevaluate their love based on a pop quiz. Or was she?...

Regardless, Davis was flooded with worshipful responses from other Queen Bey fans.

But really.

She even posted the test on her website, so that everyone can see if their relationships are worthwhile.

Just remember: Whatever you do, stay Beyoncé.

(H/T: Twitter/@FergyonceBuzzFeed)

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