A Guy Asks His Girlfriend To Marry Him 365 Times. Then Gets His Answer.

He couldn't have come up with a more romantic way to ask her to marry him.

Dean Smith knew he wanted to marry his girlfriend. He spent a year creating his proposal... and it really proves his devotion.


You can scroll down to see the touching proposal video, but if you don't have time to watch it, we've recapped it for you here.

Her boyfriend got the whole family in on it.

Her mom handed her the video to watch.

This was the first thing she saw.

Then came 365 notes, one for each day of the year.

They all asked the same question.

Here's the last note, the day before he proposed.

The tears started rolling.

At this point a crowd had gathered. He got on his knees.

She said yes and the crowd cheered.

It ended in more tears, smiles and a big family hug.

Watch Dean Smith's incredible proposal video below.  

When you love someone, making this much of an effort is so worth it. 


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