Boyfriend Cries When He Sees His Girlfriend Ready For Prom, And It's All Sorts Of Precious

"I wanted to cry seeing him cry over me."

While there may be a whole range of feelings associated with one's high school prom, one teen's proving it can be very emotional time.

Recently, Nolanah Garcia attended prom at Southside High School in San Antonio, Texas with her boyfriend of three years, Devin Collier. When she finished getting ready and went to show off her sparkling blue ensemble, she brought Collier to tears. 

Garcia shared their emotional interaction on Twitter.


Garcia attached photos of the moment to the tweet, which shows Collier on the couch, holding his hands over his eyes while Garcia smiles, seemingly fighting back her own tears. 

"I think his reaction was so strong because out of all three years I've never worn makeup or really gotten this fancy," Garcia tells Teen Vogue. "I just felt so loved actually, I wanted to cry seeing him cry over me," she added.

Garcia's tweet has been liked nearly 130 thousand times since sharing it over the weekend. 

We hope she and Collier had the best time! 

(H/T: HuffPost)


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