Little Boy Refuses Dinner Because He Says It's Just 'Too Cute' To Eat

Well, it is pretty cute.

There's a trend now of parents not only make their kids' meals appetizing but trying to anthropomorphize the food so that sandwich looks tasty and adorable. Take mom Li Ming, who gained Internet fame in 2014 for turning the food in her sons' amazing bento boxed lunches into animals, video game characters, action figures and more. OK we get it, parents, you're really good at being parents, and you're also super creative! Sheesh. Can everyone just stop now? 

One mom who hopped on the "cute meal" train wasn't met with such a positive response, however. In a video posted by America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV), we see her little boy adorably crying over his dinner because it's just too damn cute to eat!  


Watch the video below. It's almost "too cute" to handle:

Through tears, he explains he didn't want it to be that cute, but when mom offers to mess it up into a sad face, the kid tearfully says, "No, I want it to stay with a smile." 

The kid might just be ready for a nap, but either way his emotional response to the dinner is even more adorable than the food itself. And we think mom did a pretty good job, too, despite her toddler's reaction. 


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