Thanks To One Of The Rock’s Movies, This 10-Year-Old Boy Saved His Little Brother From Drowning

The Rock gave him a virtual high-five, too.

Sometimes movies can be more than just entertaining — they can save lives. That's the case with San Andreas, a 2015 disaster film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the effect it had on the O'Connor family during a recent brush with danger involving two young brothers.


The July 25 incident involved 10-year-old Jacob, who found his 2-year-old brother Dylan, face down in their grandmother's pool. Jacob said he had turned his attention to the TV for a brief moment and, after looking up from that, noticed the door was open and went to investigate. That's when Jacob saw that Dylan had opened the screen door and fallen into the pool.

"I pulled him out and started giving him compressions," Jacob told WXYZ, mimicking what The Rock had done in San Andreas — a film which sees the action star playing a rescue chopper pilot saving lives after a series of natural disasters devastate the titular city. "There was an earthquake, then it caused a tsunami, and then there was a daughter that was drowning, and he had to get her out and he did the same thing."

Jacob then went to tell his grandmother, Ellen Vial, what happened, saying he was calm about it. Ellen got Dylan to the hospital, where he spent a day. The next day, though, he was back at his grandmother's house and ready to get back into the pool — after safety improvements had been made, of course.

This act of bravery and quick thinking caught the eye of The Rock himself, and the 45-year-old celebrity took to Twitter to send some love Jacob's way, calling Jacob both a "hero" and an "amazing boy" as well as saying "we're all proud of you."

Next time you're watching a movie featuring The Rock or any other star performing a life-saving action, be sure to pay attention — you could be inadvertently learning something that could come in handy.

Check out the local news story about a heroic act of brotherly love:


Cover image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock | WXYZ


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