8-Year-Old Raises Money To Help His Friend In A Wheelchair. But It's How They Treat Each Other That's Most Beautiful.

"Because of that Kam truly is himself around him."

Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan have been best friends since kindergarten at Pomerado Elementary School. They love going to McDonald's and eating Happy Meals and playing at the park. And when one of them needs help, the other steps up.

Kamden, 8, from Poway, California, was born with a tumor on his T2 and T3 vertebras, Today reports. He is a paraplegic and depends on a wheelchair to move about. 

But Paul noticed that Kamden's wheelchair is too heavy; it falls forward, "and that sucks," he explains on his GoFundMe page. "But do you even know what's worse than that?  His wheelchair is too big for him to fit in his bathroom.  He can't even fit through the door and use the toilet without asking for help."

So after finishing second grade, Paul decided he would help raise money to get Houshan a more comfortable wheelchair — and it worked. In 26 days, Paul raised $5,935 on GoFundMe, well over his $3,900 goal. Now, Kamden will receive a customized wheelchair from Box Wheelchairs in August.


"Meanwhile Kamden is keeping active and always working really hard to maintain his upper body strength as it is what helps him push through every day. His love of life and adventure is truly amazing. Once again we are unbelievably grateful to all of you, thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Much love to all of you!" reads an updated post on GoFundMe.

When it comes to their friendship, it's clear that this is one that will last a long, long time. 

"I was so happy because I have this kind of friend to be kind to me, and I like it how he was thinking of me to get a new chair," Kamden says.

"What really contributes to their friendship is that Paul does not see Kamden as someone who has a disability. He sees him as Kamden. Because of that Kam truly is himself around him," Houshan's mother adds in the Today article. 


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